Sunday, June 10, 2012

| 10062012 | * Unhappy.

Day, sleeping at 630am in ze morning because of monitoring my grandmother. And so, day time will be my sleeping time. I am more serious than getting a jet lag. My time was upside down.

But still, I manage to went Sunway to buy things that I wanted to buy. Voir Gallery which having 50% discounts for their blouses and jeans which is what I need and what I lack of when I need it for my job, as a freelancer. So yup, I bought 2 black pants, 1 is skinny and another is straight cut, 1 is Soda and another is Voir if Im not mistaken, it cost me around RM115.00. Besides, I bought Maybelline eye liner. Lend and used it from YiLin and yup its so not bad and so I bought it, that cost me around RM18 if Im not mistaken, recently having memory problem due to the 'jet lag'.

After spending the cash, met up KS, Yaw, WenHao, Fei and YCM in Little Bali to have some beer to chill me down. Chat with them quite a lot and they are by my side, be with me. Thankiuu :) Around 1130pm, thanks to KS purposely sent me back to Puchong. Then went grandmother house together with mua sixta. And now, 237am, I'm here blogging and monitoring my grandmother, hope she get well soon. We love her, sincerely. Have to stay until 6am and wake my sister up and her turn to monitor. Ciaoz.

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