Friday, October 21, 2011

| 21102011 | * The Buddies' Celebration.

class as usual. went to La'Glace together with puiyi, teckseang and chian. besides, we also met up yaw and lek. after that we went AsiaCafe and wait for chian and makan and yamcha also. then back to mua house together with chian.

we took nap until 6pm and its heavy rain. but 7pm we have to out for dinner. im forced to take shower during heavy rain. thunder very scary T____T

due to the bad weather, everyone's late. 930pm only everyone can meet together -.-" therefore we change restaurant. the restaurant we plan to go close at 930pm. we went to Mei Mei Hou steamboat. but ahhhhhhhhh, no tomyum! ;( NEVERMIND =/

we celebrated KS, YCM and Sheng's birthday there.

1130pm, we left. thanks to Lek sent me home because i got work tomorrow. =)

- wore my new lens today ;)

- Happy Birthday Noobs! x)


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