Saturday, October 8, 2011

| 08102011 | * Happy Day!

what a boring day. i date puiyi out, lets go gaigai :)

230pm, she picked me up and also picked teckseang to sunway pyramid. my shopping mood came in a sudden. well, our first station is Brands Outlet and i bought 2 shirts which cost me RM60. after that, we walk walk around cause we;re boring! and i bought mua favorite snacks in Jusco. after that, we had Moo Cow yogurt. yumyum! 

night time, we went Mek T in Puchong had our dinner. Terengganu food and we met puiyi's parents and sister. hahahah. i feel like eating steamboat tho. mana tau my mum suddenly called me and asked me whether wanna eat steamboat or not .__.

well, i follow my parents to XO Shabu Shabu and eat for my second round. hahahaha. then we plan to buy chatime but long que :(

1030pm, we're home! 

- testing and testing.

- i  ♥  Moo Yogurt.

- i love this too 

- our dinner.

- second round in XO Shabu Shabu.

- welcome to my cupboard! 

- brother's super duper expensive present from ze 3 ladies in the house! 


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