Tuesday, October 11, 2011

| 11102011 | * Finally Meal with Fang.

a n y o n g h a s e y o  

today our class end at 10am as usual. i back to home and sleep. teeheee. then, 2pm, went to college and picked puiyi up. then we went to One Utama to fetch Fang. before that, we had our junk food as our lunch at Jusco. woohoo damn alot of foods! nyum nyum 

after that, we spent most of the time in Parkson. there's alot of things let us to play. nahhh, not about barbie dolls. but some lady and women's stuffs. we're matured now LOL. we look at something in kitchen such as the spoons, forks, bowls, plate and even those container to put salt, pepper and stuffs that we used to cook! wow, we are so lady. can you smell the lady's smell? HAHAHA.

choiii, we still young. we still see some kid's stuffs such as plasticine, some cute stuffs. and we trying our best to recall back our childhood 

besides that, we also spent our time in ze toilet. tehehehe. what girls do in ze toilet? take pictures, comb hair, to keep ourselves pretty! besides, we also shop alot to buy present for friend. we bought a bracelet that cost me so damn expensive. poor die me. -.- seriously i hope he really likes it and wear it often.

630pm, met up Fang and go to Mid Valley! we're meeting teckseang and wenhui in Mid Valley also. ohhh and also Fang's friends. never know, Fang's birthday is on Friday! i should get something for her and treat her meal =)

930pm, they go for movie from Nuffnang, The Thing premiere screening. because i dont dare to watch so i gave the tickets for teckseang and wenhui =p

then, me and puiyi left and went home. late night time, me, my brother and sister, we went to Chatime in SS15. i guess my brother has already addicted in Chatime. long time we didnt come out together, i mean the only 3 of us. kinda happy. =)

- our junk food.

- for him with his name.

- time we spent in parkson.

- Ramen in MidValley food court is 

- Hi! this is Fang, she's holding the present i gave her =)

- us 

Real Steel premiere screening :'(


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