Friday, October 14, 2011

| 14102011 | * BBQ Night.

class as usual. do our assignment in college until 2pm and pass it up and leave. after that then back to home and nap.

5 something in the evening, met puiyi up and went to Giant to buy the BBQ foods and charcoal. besides, i also borrow the BBQ tools from Jessie and CheeYang, also thanks to SengYew to deliver the tools for me and thanks to Joseph to be the middle person to borrow from me =)

then, we're home and get ready those BBQ foods. and 8 something night, JeeSeng and TeckSeang reached and we went to Jin Xuan Dim Sum at Puchong. we have some light food because the next station we're gonna drink beer.

10pm, we went to OverTime and met up Schumann and his girlfeee, PiKee. then drink drink drink and celebrate JeeSeng's birthday there. eating cakes until 11 something, we went home and started our BBQ session.

well, let the pictures tell the story.

around 2am midnight, we all sleeeeep together ;)


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