Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Hello! Another working day! 

woke up at 830am as well. went to KLCC for work again. finally its last day. fuuuuh! doing the same thing, demo food, cake, cheese bread, eggs. and promote a little bit.

most of our breakfast, lunch and dinner were all cooked by ourselves. so good i dont have to spend my money, teehee ;)

lastly, i did stock check today. kinda blur and messy. until now, i still cant confirm the amount i've pass up =p wooopsiiee! because its last day today, there's a lot of things to pack up today.

1am, finally home and get good rest. sleeeeep! luckily the next day morning class has been cancelled. teehee ;)

- marble butter cake.

- eggs!


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