Sunday, October 2, 2011

| 02102011 | * Wedding Dinner.

its Sunday. woke up at 12 something in the afternoon. had mua brunch at home. then do my own stuffs. then try shirts, match the shirts all around like having such a ridiculous fashion show. then also shower and make up until 4pm because im going to a wedding dinner.

out to puiyi's house and still continue try shirts. finally i wore her dress because im wearing a shopping outfits but not a dinner outfits. 

well, its raining. we out from house at 6 something evening, went Klang, ze Parkson and called mua cousin and enter the centre at around 7pm. met mua cousins and chat and eat. 

you guys must be curious why am i going a wedding dinner with mua friend? well, i can tell you such a crap. even me myself also dont know who is the one who marriage and i dont even know them at all. sounds like cousin but its kinda far far distance cousin .__. im just there for mua dinner, teehee :p

1015pm, we left and meet Chian and WingWing. we yamcha at Botanic Cafe which is also in Klang cause puiyi dont feeling full at all. after that, back to Jalan Meru and collect my car and sent puiyi home and im home.

- messy hack on ze bed.

- i like this actually .__.


- but this is the final one .__.

- and puiyi wore this.


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