Wednesday, October 12, 2011

| 12102011 | * NSK Twice A Day.

class as usual, end at 2pm. im kinda unhappy today. perhaps i spent alot of money yesterday. aiks. today i eat bread in car LOL.

after class, went NSK with puiyi and teckseang. ahhh spotlight again, see. -.- purpose we went there is to buy BBQ foods, meat, drinks and all that. then we went Sunway Mentari to buy beer. 1 curtain cost RM107. then i sent them back to teckseang's house.

4 something, i reached home and cooked maggie soup because im hungry. then i accidentally took a nap. LOL. until 10 something at night. i woke up and quickly rush the assignments. then sister called me for dinner. then she said go NSK also. OMG i go twice a day?! yes seriously i went twice in a day -.-"

we had our dinner in Pappa Rich, after that we went to NSK. until 12 something in ze middle of night. then i continue with my assignments.

YES! whole day, i only spent RM5 =)

- Pappa Rich's kuey teow soup with chicken.

- what type of sotong species is this? O.o

- today, we only bought a little =)

- damn alot of assignments =/


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