Wednesday, October 5, 2011

| 05102011 | * I'm Blessed.

class as usual. mami fetch me to college today because its 12pm class and always cant find parking, i hate that .__.

after class, went Asia Cafe with yilin, chian and huibin. 230pm, mami picked me up from college area. then follow her to do her things. around 3pm, im home and took nap. teehee. feel that im so blessed that i've time to take a nap :) but a lot of people who not always call me suddenly call me, kinda pekcek >__<

730pm, woke up and get ready. then huibin picked me up and we went D'Rich Puchong together with yilin, chian and wingwing. we were there to discuss our assignments and have our dinner. thanks for be the driver :p

1030pm, we went home. then last minute going NSK with sister, mother and maid. we bought a lot a lot a lot! we spent RM300 plus with 2 trolley. we're home at around 1am. 


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