Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Today *\\13.08.2008//*

today went to playground with d guys again :)
i mean after school.

then went home,
rush rush rush.
everything rush!
because 6.30pm i've to go the curve there for movie.
Dont mess with the ZOHAN.

i reach home at around 5.40pm.
so everything very rush lur.
after all,
boon kin reached my house.
then my sister also reached d.
then 2 cars go together lur.
he follow my car.
cause he deno d road.

when we reach there.
we go mum mum firz.
he bought a friend, female.
very leng luii and cute :)
but i forget what her name.

we eat at VIVO.
i firz time listen d name.
my brother bring us there der.
the food also...
ma ma dei oni lur.
the shop juz like secret recipe like that lur.

go for movie!

my i sit with sis, boon kin and his friend.
thn my bro sit with his girl, and 2 of my sis's friend.
LAME lur.
that movie very funny.
keeeep laughing.
but i felt sleepy.
must go and watch wor.

i seldom talk with boon kin lur.
cause he have his friend.
we 2 years didnt meet dee lur.
last time after school always ask him come out mum mum with me together der.
then always meet, sms, chat der.
2 years dee lur.
feel abit strange.
but he still so handsome.
really didnt change lur.
juz nothing to say only.

hope next time can come out gai gai more and play together lur.
he's good.
dont hope to lost a friend like him. :)
keep in touch :)

- the restaurant

- deno what juice.. ==0

- my food. ^@^

- me and my sis's food. :)

- my sister. :)

- my lame brother. xD

- me & my sister.

- boon kin & me, he look so scare me. xD

- im eating~~ yummy yummy. xD

- my sister was eating~~ xD

- the friend and boon kin. =]

- kellye kellye :)

- playing d basketball. xD

-by kellye tan

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