Friday, August 15, 2008

LM Installation 2008 ♥

LM Installation 2008 is having today after school.
i get AJK Terpuji and a key chain with LM logo there?
deno im happy or sad?
i wanna laugh together with them but i haven put down everything.

Before i went installation,
i quite sad,

but i tot i sad because my dear didnt attend.
and when im in installation,
im not sad because of dear didnt go with me.
but i realize that i haven let go LM.

when i saw 15 new committees of them sing together on d stage,
play together,
and take pics together.
a sad feeling comes out from my heart.
because i feel that quite bad im not one of them.
i not sure what i sad.

and when they wear badge for them,
i sad also.
then when they give out prizes for the 07/08 committees.
i mean d red box thingy.
i feel tat im useless huh?
my brother can, why i cant?
i no chance to get that thing.

when Fiona hug me,
i really feel warm.
i really have the family feel there.
but then i cry.
they retired.
thousand of thank for them.


Happy Retirement.
and of course the other 14 committees,
Happy Retirement. :)
Good luck for SPM ya. :)

for the 08/09, 15 committees,
jia you!
do ur best and lead LM to better one.
make LM be the most popular and efficient club.
Jia You!! :)

- AJK Terpuji prizes and d keychain.

- DK, LM Installation.

- Kellye Tan & Kgai Ter. [KT & KT] XD

- The 08/09 committees were busying.

- The 07/08 committees were exchanging present. :)

- dear dear, shy shy har~ xD

- dear dear der badge~

- by kellye tan

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