Friday, August 8, 2008

My Today *\\08.08.2008//*

today after school,
went ipoh chicken rice mum mum with dear, amanda, puiyi and teck seang,
after that went to mid valley buy something.
then take bus went to sunway pyramid again.
so damn busy arh me.

when we reach sunway,
went to redbox find xin yuan lur.
his birthday ma.
give him donuts.
then we went cinema and buy tickets.
watch MUMMY.

i not really like those kind of movie lu.
w2atch in front only,
then i very tired and sleepy er.
then i sleep dee.

i didn't even saw mummy also.
tired nar.
the movie very noisy.
when i sleep i keep stuck my finger inside my ear.

movie end dee only my dear wake me up.
and i wake tat time still blur blur de tim.
walk to the exit entrance also i pusing pusing like that.

then we went to redbox lur.
sooooooooo expensive harrr.
my darling dada ar dada,
so expensive man~
why still wanna go sing ler?
and i only keep eating there only.
high gei only at last 3 songs like that.
but then quite enjoy with dear dear lur.

after that,
amanda's mami fetch me and puiyi back my shop lur.
tmr still got school tim.
better go to bed now. :)

-by kellye tan

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