Wednesday, January 18, 2012

| 18012011 | * New Hairstyle!

Hello! Greet you with my new hairstyle :)

Suddenly feel like cutting my hair. In 15 minutes, I made my decision and seriously walk in to hair saloon. Just like the past, from super effing long to short. Actually i wish to be shorter but the barber seems to be so busy! Maybe its Chinese New Year season. He cut for me like few hours. So i also.......... forget about it.

Why i cut my hair? Hmm, not because of Chinese New Year, but just boring. Everyday looking at the mirror, everyday the same face, the same hairstyle. I feel boring. I am i person who easily feel boring, that's why i always change my profile picture. Because every time i look at my profile picture, i feel boring. Maybe i just don't like my face, i don't know. HAHAHA.

Hope people wont feel that im a kid and watch movie, please don't check IC anymore :)

And today! FINALLY, I got the chance to eat LokLok. WAO, a lot of people feel surprise and unbelievable. Yes i am serious. I never eat LokLok before, even once. Today finally i got the chance to eat with Ling, in Puchong. But i don't know the price is so expensive through. Not full also, but the price is RM20+. Waoooooo. O.O What a good experience :)

- Say goodbye to my lovely long hair.

- Seeeee i eat until sooo happy! :P

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