Wednesday, January 11, 2012

| 11012012 | * Proud Yet Boring.

Feel so proud today. I managed to woke up at 615am this early morning for the damn early class. I thought i'll be late but no, i am not. Hohoho. That's first. Second, i parked in front of Starbucks which is the first place, yoohooo. Third thing, after few days of MIA in gym, finally im back to gym today; alone again. LOL. And i finally washed my car today. Fifth, i napped and i manage to woke up. Usually i can nap from 6pm to 12am. Then what i get in insomnia. But i managed to woke up from nap! YAY........................ actually nothing nice to celebrate but i feel good LOL. pleaseforgivemeofbeingsuchalame

Still, im feeling gawd damn boring. Teach me what to do, teach me. I am boring! Can Chinese New Year come as soon as possible? Can assignment or project start as soon as possible? Can the lecturers start teaching with slides as soon as possible? I am boring................

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