Friday, January 6, 2012

| 06012011 | * Overnight Ling's House.

Well well well. Planned to go for gym in ze early morning and yes we did it for the very first time. LOL. I mean for me and mua sixta. Ahhh my throat is so pain, until i cant really talk. But i still talk alot, no worries. I am a G JA POH LOL.




Went to gym with mua sixta but i didnt really do because im having headache as well. Just did a little bit. Then eat mum mum.

After that, went to college for enrollment but WAO. I need to wait for 100+ people and the number is moving so damn slow. And the whole room is swarming. WTH. We waited for like 45 minutes and we gave up because mua sixta and rushing to other places. So we left. Stupid college this is real one. Please do not come to Inti College. This is what i really wanna say. LOL.

Home, napped for few hours. Then went out with ling Puiyi. Went to Subang SS15 for mum mum again. Due to my sore throat condition, we eat at Da Sa Rang again. Because there got cold noodles can make me feel good. Owyeah!

Then, i dapao noodles and bring back home for mua brother. Then we went to Shiok Cafe for updating blog. Around 12am, we went to her house and i overnight at her house again and again. Hope her parents wont hate me. HAHAHA. Then we blogging, watching PPS and MSN until late night only go to the bed. Good Night! 

Love, kell.

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