Wednesday, January 4, 2012

| 04012011 | * 2 Round Of Gym

Good Molling! What a hawt weather.

Waking up at around 815am. Actually was planned to wake at 550am and go to the MidValley's gym but i couldnt manage to sleep. So im waking up late. Picked Puiyi up and we went to Subang SS15 to had our breakfast first- Pork Noodle! Yumyum. After that, we went to Sunway Pyramid's gym because we are all club members. Woohoo. Then we do gym at Sunway Pyramid. 

Say Hello! (:

After that, we jalan jalan cari makan like that. And i met 2 stupid guys that making me angry! While im walking to Auntie Anne from Juice Works alone. Suddenly a guy walk towards me and i thought its my friend at first. Then there's 2 guy, one thin and one fat. The thin guy is just like a MC keep on talking and the fat one just standing beside and looking. The thin guy at first introducing himself to me and i thought they were those whatever VISA or Maybank or whatever who cares. Then they bring out some photos all that and told me that they are student from the place and want me to donate some money for them to help those orang upaya. And requested me to donate RM30 for a tin of milk powder. Hello? Im just a student, if i would take out RM30 for donation, I wont be drinking Juice Works but Starbucks. So i said im sorry, because I donated money and foods to them personally every year. Ya wud, I would rather send to them personally and I wont be believing them, how i know they were true or fake? 

Then the thin guy say, Ya this thing we also organize once a year. I still say, Im so sorry. There's too many, how many i can help? Then he requested RM10 from me. I said sorry, seriously sorry. Then he was like talking to me damn fierce. I can feel the force. He said, then miss i ask you! if i request RM1 from you is it very difficult?! WTH is he talking? Is he forcing me or something? But i gave him the RM1. And he said whatever thankiew, i just left and never hear what he say. I feel that he's forcing me and talk to me so loud. Donate is people who willing to do. He is forcing. WTF. I angry him! Seriously! Grrrrr.

After that, me and ling went to MidValley for second round gym. We swim there. We dont really do exercise there cause i dont think there is a place suitable for me. I feel strange. So we swim and Jacuzzi there (:

After gym and after dinner, we went home.

Blogged, Kell.

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