Monday, January 9, 2012

| 09012011 | * Semester Break Has Finally End.

Ello buddies! Semester break has finally end. Have to back to college and start busying and stressing with the assignments and tests. But that's what i like :D I love school like the most.

Went to college at 9am and start doing payment. As i mentioned, stupid college. Still, we have to wait for 100 numbers.Wao, awesome right? WTF.

So we skipped the 10am class because we're waiting for payment. Then we had our breakfast in Asia Cafe. then mua sixta and chian's left. Me and Yilin went to Mr. Andrew's class for Web Development. Hopefully this is better than Mr. Tang's assignment. I dont wanna create webpage because i dont know how to use Front Page. I dont wanna like do nothing in group assignment. But this is better huh? Its about blog. YAY! benefits for blogger, hohoho.

Skipped Mr. Khairul's class as well because our timetable doesn't exist that subject at all. LOL. so we'll just leave the college. Went to OldTown with mua mum. Not the OldTown White Coffee but the real Old Town in PJ State. LOL. until around 5 something only we're home.

Received a Christmas gift aka Souvenir from Chian today. Its all about................ Lilo and Stitch! :DDD Thankiews :D

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