Friday, January 13, 2012

| 13012011 | * Bloggers CNY Dinner.

Thanks to the invitation from Jayren. I've got chance to join the Bloggers Chinese New Year dinner. This is my first time of meeting him after so long.

After class, straight away went Sunway Giza's Uncle Prawn with Ling. Cause my class end around that time and reach there is almost that time. I invited Ling to go along with me because I scare. Hehe. I think i heard they said this is the second time they organize such event and im a new comer. Nice to meet all of you, Eunice, Benjamin, Jun Fok, Choulyin, Sherrie, Choulyew, Simon, Rachel, Jia Jia. Anyone else i missed out? Yes i think i do, I really cant remember so much because we only shake hands and say hi. LOL. Anyway, hope i have chances to come out events together with you guys again (:

I know im quiet there because, too many strangers for me, its too sudden. HAHA. I'll try to talk more next time :P

Enjoyed dinner. After dinner, never take the group photos :( then we left.

- Rachel, JiaJia, Liki, PuiYi, me and PeiWah.

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