Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Today *\\19.05.2010//*

2 unbelievable things happened today.
today our journalism class,
Mr. khairul dismiss his class 20 minutes earlier!
unbelievable nehh!

another thing,
class end early and after joyi and yilin went back,
me and chian are actually still wondering should we go for pool?
cause we left 30 minutes only!
normally and usually and basically,
we take more than 30 minutes for 1 round.
but today,
we complete our game in 20 minutes!
AIYAHHH i lose 1 ball to her!
i help her masuk 1 ball lerhh!
i wanna ask her teat me drinks edii.
anyway it's just a game,
take it easy people?

But half an hour not enough,
1 round is not enough,
i'm addicted!
i wanna play some more!
perhaps tomorrow we said.

i tell you guys,
seriously i dont know what should i do with that subject,
text book, she said she haven't found which to buy yet,
or maybe multiple text books.
her notes, simple until cannot simple.
her teaching in class, I DONT UNDERSTAND!

Oh my Goddddddddd!
aikss nvm,
i'll try my very best to see what is happening with the law.

for the Human Communication subject,
thanks God it's still going smoothly,
as i wish.

- drawn by chian in law's class yesterday because that time was raining and thunder. :p

- drawn by chian also. wheehee. :D

- stupid teckseang make my string that hanging on my phone patah. shit him. -.-

- by kellyetan

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