Friday, May 14, 2010

My Today *\\14.05.2010//*

owhh well my today.
it's a terrible day.
tiring and busy day for my today.

cant sleep yesterday.
from 2.30am sleep on the sofa,
i roll until 5am only i fall asleep.
this afternoon i open up my eyes and i thought it's 5pm.
i continue sleep because i'm still tired.

who knows the second time i open up my eye,
it's only around 2pm.
i think i see the wrong timing or perhaps the clock is too far from me until i cant see it clearly.

brush my teeth,
wash my face,
and wash my hair also.

then get ready and went out to office and work again.
i'm still sleepy.
kinda blur.
went office and quickly buy food and eat.
then start working.
today not much customer and the number of phone i answer are only a few.
but paper work tortured me.
i going to get crazy because of the file-ing work.
kinda pissed me off.
maybe because of my long nails,
i hardly do the file-ing.
oh my goshhh.
and i keep repeat and repeating the same work.
need the concentration of my eye.
it's kinda tired.

after work,
went back home and went out to have my dinner again.
i'm seriously very hungry.
went a dont know what cafe have my dinner.
OMG i was wondering is the food spoil or what?
chicken rice and the chicken is so hard.
and the rice too.
i can swallow but i worry my stomach cant digest as well.
i wont go there anymore, ANYMORE.

after mum mum,
i come home lurr.
tomorrow i'm gonna go for movieeeee!
It's the movie that i waited since Chinese New Year!
I'm coming tomorrow!!

- boring. :p

- i look so tired. =(

- tadaaa! picture of the day! know why? Because i love my smile. :D

- by kellye tan

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