Monday, May 17, 2010

▪ random post.

i pierced my earing today.
TWO in my right ear.

thanks to my dears to accompany me,
taking photos, videos and it's like..
you know?

the woman who helped me to pierce also feel like..
is like..
need or not ohhh..
but through the video and some of the pictures,
i can see something that i actually cannot see.
which is i'm not pretty and all the OMG looks.
and see myself when i'm nervous.
seriously i hold chian's hand damn tight,
was thinking is she pain?

luckily it's still okay,
although it's a bit pain,
but my heart is damn sweet.

thanks for all.
and i changed my blog's song again.
this song i got it from deong's profile.
and i realize it's very meaningful and it's kinda touching.

still have a lot more to update about today.
but i'm not going to blog today and coming days.
perhaps on Friday alright?

Happy Birthday Lek!
Hope you like the card.

- by kellyetan

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