Monday, May 17, 2010

My Today *\\17.05.2010//*

started my first day of semester 2 today.
3 subject in 3 weeks.
sound great?
but i tell you,
not great at all.
because 5th week will be our assignment week,
6th week will be our presentation week,
then test,
then study break,
a lot more!

will be a very busy semester.
hope this semester wont torture me,
and this semester lecturers are all straight.
i think law will be straight also bahh?
because i skipped her class today.

around 12pm,
we mass comm girls went sunway pyramid and meet the IT boys.
to celebrate lek's birthday which is meow.
but he love dogs now only i realize.

went wong kok and eat together,
sing songs and cut cakes,
and also take photos.
take a lot of crazy pictures and laugh a lot.
Happy Birthday Lek!!

then my dears went to pierce earing with me,
at poh kong.
wow scary but excited.
okayy i've mentioned in my previous post already so i'm not gonna mention too much.
after that,
we thought to meet the guys back.
but too bad they're like enjoy their own way.
so we're not gonna meet them also.

girls accompany to wait my brother,
and when my brother called,
only they leave.
thanks dears!

- by kellyetan

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