Tuesday, May 11, 2010

▪ random post.

i'm currently in office.
heavy rain..
make me feel so uncomfortable.
i seriously hate rain.
what a rainy day.

dark sky,
heavy wind,
once i got down from the car,
it was like water inside a pail pour on my head.
make me wet and feel cold.

seriously seriously dislike rainy day.
feeling so boring here.
miss my dearly chian.
desperate on our reopen day.
i'll surely hug them tight!
damn miss them so so much.

i'm so boring here.
at home also the same thing.
still boring.

i'm gonna grow mushroom soon.
very very soon.
who need mushroom?
come and get from me.

time pass faster weih.

- by kellyetan

1 comment :

Jason said...

if got thing to do then wont be bored lo xD
i book ur mushroom 1st,remember keep it for me ^.^