Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Today *\\18.05.2010//*

i aren't have a nice day today.
short semester is seriously torturing me,
physically and mentally.
all the homeworks and the understanding through the subjects are mentally breaks me down.
and the location of the subjects from the different and different place are physically breaks me down, too.

well honestly,
i'm serious and seriously down.
i am actually knew that mass communication is a stress subject.
but now it's short semester.
this is really makes me feel so torture.

1 lecturer sounds pretty good,
but the word that she used are so professional and higher level.
i dont get what she's actually teaching.
i really dont know what to do.
it's so helpless.
i'm trying my very best to catch what she's talking but once i catch,
i dont understand.

another lecturer,
he sounds good also.
but he dont let us late to go in the class more than 10 minutes.
we got no break,
and he always extend the class time.
give us last minute work,
and told us that are actually our assignments.
we're like,

tell me,
what should i do?
i am seriously not gonna to retake or resit any, any and any subject.
because i am trying my best to do it well.
but how come they like that?

i feel so tired, suddenly.
i feel like my time is occupied.
and these days,
i dont know why it's raining.
don't breaks my mood down, please.
i seriously unhappy and feel stress with that.
but 1 thing i will never change,
i will never give up,
because i'm kellyetan.
so all my dears,
let's move on and don't give up.
we try to help each other alright?

- by kellyetan

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