Friday, May 21, 2010

- random post.


why am i here?
because i'm boring.

i'm with chian, deong and joyi now.
we're actually come out to do our port folio,
but i'm playing games, online, facebook and stuff.
because i'm almost done with my port folio.
i need to went home to get my creative idea.

Later we might going pool.
i'm so boring right now.
they seems so quiet and have their own things to do.
i'm boring and i got nothing to do.

tell me tell me,
what should i do?
i actually know that i've got a lot of things to do,
a lot of assignments.
but the problem is i dont know how to do.

know what?
it's killing me.

tell me what to do?
and tell me what should i do?
or anyone can do it for me?
i really dont know wanna how.
feel so stress but yet i'm so bored.
because i dont know how am i going to start.

will be update more if i'm free.
see ya!

- by kellyetan

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