Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Today *\\15.05.2010//*

alright now i'm gonna blog about my today.
woke up at around 1pm and saw my dear chian's message.
she told me she is not going for the movie.
at first i'm kinda sad.
then i went to online,
honestly got a bit angry der feel.

but i know this is not she want der lahh.
i'm just suddenly angry with that,
perhaps im really too boring.
hope she dont know.
but she ask about deongdeong can fetch her go and back or not.
then on.
very happy leii.
and know what?
deongdeong purposely drive car,
go to sunway pyramid buy ticket,
and go back.
*clap hand please.*

i really very pui fokk him.

around 7.20pm,
daniel come my house and pick me up and we meet chian and deong in asia avenue.
then have some introduce between deong and daniel.
luckily we're all can chat together and mix.

around 9pm,
went in for movie.
the movie is excited,
very excited that type.
my heart very tense.
action movie is seriously action movie.
very action one.
keep on move here flash there turn here jump there.
i also headache already.
a little bit disappointed with that movie lur.
never expect will make us feel so uncomfortable.
sorry dudes,
pull you all watch this.

after movie,
plan to go for pool,
but dont know how,
we went nearby asia cafe FBI a dessert cafe and yam cha and chatting around.
and we cancelled the pool session.

around 12.30am,
only we leave.
mami never scold me.
so good ehhh?
maybe she know i really too boring,
and i'm gonna busy with my college stuff soon.
she will forgive me one lahh.

- thanks deongdeong! =)

- deongdeong and daniel. =)

- daniel. =)

- deongdeong. =)

- my dear chian. =)

- kellyetan. =)

- deong, daniel and me.. Chian is not inside. ;'(

- love you always. =)

- i'm so in love with this picture! =)))

Happy Outing Day!

- by kellye tan

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