Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Today *\\06.05.2010//*

Woke up early in the morning,
my phone rang and it wake me up.
auntie said that change it to 10.30am.
never sleep well and yesterday could not sleep until 4 something midnight.
i think its all because of i nervous.

actually planned either my mami or baba fetch me to the centre but end up everyone change plan.
my mum and dad said they have something to do and not free.
auntie changed the time and end up everything with mess.
at last i woke my sister up and she fetch me there.

got a lot of friends text me to calm me down.
but too bad i'm still nervous.
because i'm alone,
but i tried to talk to the people and joke with them.
at least if there is anything then we can talk.
at last,
we know each and everyone there.
that's great right?
we even exchange phone number and facebook.

okayy the first time i get in there,
damn nervous.
so i do what brandon said,
calm down myself,
only type my i.c number and start.
but know what?
my computer does not have my information!
what the luck?

i did it with a nervous mode,
it's like half way fail and half way pass.
but end up 40/50.
means i failed.
kinda sad with that.
but my centre everyone also fail.
so we all decide to take again.
but the worker lunch time at 2-3pm.
so we all went to have lunch together also.
it's like so weird right?
only go and have a test and we're like damn close like that.
can even sit together and eat.

around 3pm,
back to the centre and know what?
i still damn nervous.
because i dont wanna fail anymore!
i just damn nervous i dont know why.
at first i did front is so simple but behind is damn difficult!
and i got 38/50.
means worst than my first time!
my tears came out from my eye,
i really damn sad at that moment.
because i'd put so much effort on it and stay awake midnight because of that.
although i know last minute doesn't work,
but at least i tried.

2 girl passed and 3 person fail again who is me, a guy and a indian girl.
the indian girl dont wanna test anymore.
and i actually decide to give up and dont wanna try anymore.
but my sister ask me just go and take it again,
i was like..
alright, dont wanna waste time.
but if really fail,
i think i'll just lost control.

so i give a call to auntie and see whether she can wait for us or not.
so the guy and me take the test again,
it's LAST,
because they closed at 5pm and that time is already 4pm.
so if i failed,
i have to come here again.
i go in the room,
and still try to calm down myself first.
and i start doing,
do without simply think or whatever.
and i dont refer back,
because i will always change the answer if i refer back.
so i just do it simply and end it.
omg i passed?
yes i passed!
i'm not dreaming.
but too bad that guy still fail.
good luck for his next time!
thanks for the friends which stay with me when i need them.
thanks for the wishes friends!

- First - 40/50

- Second - 38/50

- Last - 44/50


- 44/50 in 17 minutes 14 seconds.

Thanks for letting me achieve what i want to achieve by today.

- by kellye tan

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