Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Today *\\22.05.2010//*

Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi!
kellyetan the blogger is back.

I'm boring lahh.
currently sms with my dear chian.
and also doing notes for my Human Communication subject.
and i'm boring!


I stop everything,
tomorrow to be continue...

I done my personal port folio.
Human communication notes i almost done,
left 3 more slides,
but i really feel so boring.
continue tomorrow bahh.

So basically i did not complete what i planned.
what a lazy carrot.

*mami mami, i'm hungry*

my stomach is calling me liauuu.
my STOMACH, not a child inside my stomach alright?
hungry liao.
so what should i eat?
i am seriously lazy think of this question.
always ask in Facebook what should i eat.
i'm boring weihh.

Seriously dislike the day of not going college,
because i miss them a lot!
and do nothing at home,
will slack at home.

and this makes a person become fatter and fatter,
and makes a person become lazier and lazier.

better i can drive faster and can hang out or go college everyday.

next 2 weeks can i got my L license?
so that i can learn my driving.
i'm waiting.
seriously need to drive larh me...
its much more convenient for me and also my family members.


very boring lahh.
boring boring lahh.
okay lahh.
i go and hunt for some food and blablabla i dont know wanna do what.


- draft in my mind. =)

- messy.

- Final work. =)

- Note-ing.

- by kellyetan


Jason said...

bak bak d port folio very nice la wei ^.^

kellye tan said...

Okay jek nar.
senget liao der! too far cant see jek. xD

Jason said...

haha..nvm nor,still very leng ^_^

kellye tan said...

Hahah, hope can score 3 marks for that. xD

Jason said...

sure can d,deong will bless u ^.^