Friday, May 7, 2010

My Today *\\07.05.2010//*

Hang out with jeeseng, jack and jeffery.
Triple J outing with a girl named Kellyetan.
what the?

went sushi king have our lunch with them and jeffery's brother.
went Redbox with the guys,
have fun inside there.
sing and shout like hell.
who cares?
we're happy.

after that,
went to find their friends who working in addidas.
we've got extra ticket for IP Man.
so keep called friend and see whether they want to join or not.
chian actually wanted to come but she got no car.
too bad then.

before 10 minutes the movie start,
called albert and he said he gonna join.
run to sunway.
pro man.

well a little but unhappy while watching the movie,
perhaps because of the movie?
i dont know but the movie kinda pissed me off and make me feel so disappointed.
there's a lot of feedback about the movie in my heart.
the movie really great,
now i know why my friends around ask me to watch.
the movie is seriously meaningful.
although i get the meaning,
but i believe there's not everyone will follow the way like this.
not everyone..
there're still a lot of people because of their goal, their achievement,
and they will do something mean to hurt somebody,
because of getting their own benefits.
seriously these people are meaningless, hopeless.
for me,
i dont have to respect them, at all.

well honestly,
i cried while watching the movie.
because there's something makes me feel so right.
but i know this will never happen in this world.
because some of the people's thinking is still so stupid and not caring.
people are getting more unbelievable and unpredictable.
perhaps there're friends around you that betrayed you, back stabbed you or even doing something hurting you, which can bring them benefits.
you wont know.
like what i said,
we wont know.
just dont be too kind sometimes.
it's more easier to get hurt by someone.

after movie,
they planned to yamcha and i actually join,
but seriously im very tired and sleepy.
so jeeseng sent me home.
thanks people!
really happy hanging out with you guys.

- by kellyetan

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Jason said...

take good rest o ^_^