Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Today *\\12.05.2010//*

woke up early in the morning.
and went college for enrollment.
saw joyi in a coincident situation.
mami pay the payment for me and she leave.

after that i met deongdeong in taylors and went klang.
chian i came to your house area!

deongdeong bring me go along klang and see this and that.
then we went jusco in bukit tinggi,
really damn big.
i'll surely lost if i'm alone.
follow deongdeong seriously,
never leave even 1cm away.

went green box,
this is my first time to go greenbox and my first time to go klang weih.
the feeling is like i'm going malacca,
strange but excited.

give a call to chian,
ask her whether wanna go cheras pasar malam together.
and she said okayy.
then meet her up at the longest night market.
this is my first time went there also.
everything is my first time today.
that's why im happy.

met her, chunglam and another friend up.
walk for a while then,
met daniel, his friend and kelvin up.
then we walk separately.

me, daniel, his friend and kelvin eat together,
deongdeong, chian, chunglam and another friend walk themselves.
walk for a little while.
actually i'm a little bit tired and at night my eye sight not really good narr.
and they're boys and impossible i hold them and walk right.
so i kinda have the feeling like leaving.
and it's too crowded and makes me feel so uncomfortable.

around 10.30pm,
daniel sent his friend home and then send me home.
tired day!
but happy day!
got no time to eat bak kut teh there today.
we'll still have chance yah, deongdeong and chian will bring me there again.

- by kellyetan


steph ♥ said...

I was there yesterday. lols

Chen Hsiung aka MadKia said...

hmm... Kellye.. u din let me knw u was uncomfortable.. i could hold u or let u lean on.. haha!!