Friday, May 28, 2010

My Today *\\28.05.2010//*

woke up early in the morning,
shorts! i'm wearing you today!

finally i could wear my shorts go gaigai today.
baba sent me to sunway pyramid.
the main entrance haven't open yet.
i called everyone and everyone pick up my phone with blur blur sound.
the feeling soooo good!

after that,
i saw many people walk in with the side door,
so i do the same thing lur.
then wait for ah deong.
finally he reached and we went subang eat breakfast.
umm no!
i look at him eat,
i'm not eating because not hungry.

after that,
went sunway pyramid again.
chatting in car.
then went down and buy my stuff,
then then then went the toast box and yamcha.
then then then went redbox.
today der redbox eat money one.
expensive like hell,
only 3 person buy 4 tid bits.
go rob lar please.

my dear chian and joyi reaching redbox late because of wesak day,
no parking!
bite them bite them.

then then then,
sing sing sing,
then met up yilin and 3 car go to joyi's house together.
stupid lightning scared me,
damn you weih Mr. Thunder!

a little little little bit moody then,
and we can't swim because of heavy rain.
plan to go 3K and swim but no swimming cap and we can't swim.
blablabla and so,
we play badminton.
having a lot of fun there.
sweat a lot and i believe i can say byebye to my fatty fats.

then then then,
back to chian's house.
finally i enter chian's house!
went there shower and them wait ah deong come and pick us up go to eat bak kut teh.
they live in klang,
bak kut teh is the famous food there.
but too bad,
it's too late and no more dry bak kut teh.
but soup one is delicious too!
then then then deong send me home.

thank youuuuuuu! chian and deong!
thanks for bringing me eat bak kut teh there,
thanks for sending me home,
thanks for let me shower at your house,
thanks for hanging out with me!

- i like this one nar.. xD

- klang bak kut teh! =)

- dear chian. =)

- deong deong. =)

- i like this one also. teehee. :D

- see i sooooo happy! =)

- by kellyetan

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Jason said...

is 4 person 3 tid bits xD