Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Today *\\08.05.2010//*

hang out to farewell with ronald a.k.a nald nald.
he's one of my best friends in my secondary class.
although he's lame, noisy and disburbing sometimes,
but we used to be together, always.

hanging out with around 10-12 friends.
went wong kok for our lunch.
then went redbox with tong while they watching IP man.
after that,
we girls went Baskin Robin to eat ice cream.
i think i'm addicted with that ice cream already!
after that again,
we went ole ole bali for our dinner too.

around 9pm,
tong went back and we all went to shumen's house for a little while.
then went asia cafe and thought of going to pool.
but too bad,
full already.
and we went ftz and online,
for the guys,
of course they play games lur.

- redbox. ;)

-kell, nald, yi.

- yi, kell, nald, tong.

- kell and nald. ;)

- well, i love to force people to do crazy post. xDDDD

- in the toilet. ;)

- wah wah wah wah wah....~ xD

- i want to cut my hair nar... =(

- yummeeeee! =)

i know today i was slightly annoying,
keep nagging i hate my hair today,
because it's messy today!

- by kellye tan

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