Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Today *\\01.05.2010//*

Hang out to Mid Valley with mua sister today.
shopping with her.
how long i never hang out with her.

It's Labour Day today.
she got no work.

Shopping until around 6pm.
we went home and went out again.
having Mother's Day dinner with all the cousins at somewhere restaurant.
well i'm having heavy headache today.
started when i'm on the way going Mid Valley.
i thought the weather is freaking hot and caused me headache but no,
is one whole day.

after dinner,
went to a cousin's house and chit chat like a gathering.
we all teenagers inside a room and was planning next round.
at first they plan to go clubbing.
but if it's clubbing i wont go because i headache.

then final plan is to look out point and shisha.
i followed.
it's my first time to go look out point and my first time to shisha.
shisha made my head more heavy.
but once a time gather with my cousins,
just enjoy bahh.

around 12 something,
we came home.

- Mid Valley.

- Restaurant.

- Shisha.

- Videos of My First Time- Shisha.

Happy Birthday, Mat!

- by kellye tan

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