Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Today *\\20.05.2010//*

class as usual.
assignments, projects and tests' due date for Law subject is already set.
there are no reason for us to not passing up and postpone the date unless there are 2 possibility.
they are coma or death,
either one.

we're given 4 weeks to done 2 assignments.
everyone yell i guess?
even i'm stress.
seriously i feel i'm so restless.
i miss redbox, a lot.

alright let's back to the topic,
we went pool after our lunch,
and this is the very very very first time i win chian.
i feel so proud yeah?

classes end at 6pm,
joyi left.
me, chian and yilin stay in concourse together with yaw and jianvyee.
listen music, play games and did part of the port folio for the human communication subject while waiting lam, KS and deong come.
more while then,
yilin left.

we went PJ dont know wherever to have our dinner,
dont really feel like eating and i only eat a little bit,
perhaps i'm tired and that's why.

after dinner,
back to the college and they all left.
deong and me chatting in the concourse.
chat some of our past and he seems unhappy.
i feel guilty weih.
it's like i make him unhappy.
so sad lahh.

after that,
went to the shop lots opposite asia cafe buy my mum's newspaper and went starbucks buy drinks that my sister want.
and then i left.
and now i'm home,
with a unstable mood.

and 1 thing,
2 things scared me today,
make me JUMP!
one is my ''best friend''- Mr. Lalat,
and another is my ''favorite weather''- Mr. Thunder.

thankssssss for accompany me to wait my mum.
thankssssssss for everything.
smile, deong, i'm sorry.

it's May 20 today,
520, dear chian.

- by kellyetan

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Jason said...

ben bak,deong deong is alright =)