Sunday, May 9, 2010

▪ Happy Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

well seriously i didnt celebrate with my mum,
didnt give her any gift,
didnt even care her.

not that i'm bad lahh kayy?
cause last week celebrate already mahh.
And me and my sister gift her a lipstick!

i know my mum wont read my blog,
but i want to tell you guys something here.
perhaps some of the people love father more than mother?
or perhaps some of their mother did something wrong and make you hate her?
but remember,
mother is the best.
especially my mum.

i have to admit,
yes my mum is the best of the woman in this world.
because she's the one who carry me for 9 months.
she's the one who taught me walk, taught me eat, taught me read,
she's the one who taught me how to pronounce ''MAMA, BABA.''
she's the one who give me the best education,
she 's the one who buy me clothes, buy me food, buy me what i wish to have,
she's the one who taught me how to eat in the healthy way,
for example, water too cold and you put it into your mouth but dont drink it immediately.
fried rice dont straight away eat into your stomach because it's very heaty.
she's the one who taught me manner,
say hello or good morning,
greet uncle and auntie.
she's the one who cut my nails when i was small,
she's the one give me money to buy what i want,
she's the one who pay for me for learning driving.

she's the one and the only one will do so many things for me until now,
she never blame tired.
she never blame i'm her burden.
she never do that.
she cane me when i was small,
she scold me when i did something wrong,
until today,
she still non stop nagging me.
''dont sleep so late lahhh.''
''dont shower so late lahh.''
''dont eat so many maggie lahhh.''
''dont facing computer for one whole day lahhh.''
''go and read go and study for your exam lahh.''
''dont go out everyday, dont back so late lahh.''

can you see what the message she want to pass it to me?
she want me to be a healthy child,
she dont want me to get sick,
she want me to study well to be a successful person,
she dont want me staying outside till late at night because it's danger.

i know sometimes nagging is annoying,
but i know why she do that.
she is the best!
be more specific,
my mum is the best!

I love you, Mami!!

dont always say you're not pretty,
in my heart,
you're the prettiest woman in the world.

it's Mother's Day today.
Do you miss mummy?
I miss you.
Hope you living well in heaven ya.
Love you, Bou.

- by kellye tan

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Jason said...

yeah,hi5 xD
mum always the best,my mum also the best ^.^