Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Today *\\26.05.2010//*

have breakfast early in the morning with chian, yilin, sheng and joyi at Mc D.
after that we late for Law class,
we're actually purposely late for that because even if we go in on time also we couldnt understand what she teaching.
i'm daydreaming and i dont know what she saying again.

i'm actually thinking about i've got a lot of things to do.
driving lesson, notes, revision, assignments, projects, exhibition and perhaps work soon.

alright fine,
after that we've got human communication class and assignments and port folios are killing me slowly.
and then journalism blogging about the articles are killing me slowly, too.
which means i'll be dying in a very very soon timing.
after the journalism class,
we all committee members have meeting about the exhibition and well frankly speaking,
i dont get what are they talking about.
but i see them laugh, i laugh.
i seems and i feel that i'm so stupid like a fool.
better then i become an actress,
at least i'll get paid for that.

after the meeting,
Mr. Stress a.k.a Jonathan tried to explain to me what should i do.
and then i've got
MANY THINGS to do again.
what we need to do is draw a layout.
i'm sitting alone in concourse and drawing a layout map,
i was thinking,
a person who dont know road,
even ownself's house also dont know how to back,
but the person draw a map.

after that,
went to old kawan and have my lunch alone again.
this is the second time.
and then after lunch i went to block A to online.

around 5pm,
brother, sister and mother come to college together and pick me up.

shower and nap; rest.

- by kellyetan

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