Thursday, May 13, 2010

▪ random post.

it's raining here.
awwww cold cold and free.
but that not mean i love rain alright?
i still dislike rain.

tired tired.
and still blur blur.
sms-ing with chianchian and deong deong.
and facebook, blogging, reading some forum.
sounds boring?
it's okayy narr.

i'll be going to listen my amali on sunday.
finally weihh.
faster faster dont wanna waste time already.
next monday im gonna start my college already.
then i will be very very very very very busy because it's short semester.
3 months with 3 subjects.
wanna study hard!!
dont wanna resit or retake.

my dears and friends,
we study hard together alright?

and yeah girls,
i've got something to share with you all.
click here to check it out.
beware yah girls.

i got nothing to blog already.
just randomly missing my blog.

- by kellyetan

1 comment :

Jason said...

hehex,feel to comment here xD
bak bak always dislike raining d lo xD