Monday, May 24, 2010

My Today *\\24.05.2010//*

climb up early in the morning,
went AC to have breakfast together with friends.
then go for classes.

class as usual and my port folio have to redo,
everyone is doing the draft only but i actually go and make the real one.
cacat wor me.

then went for journalism class as usual.
do nothing there,
received a love letter from my dear.

after class dismiss,
we went taste buds cafe to have our lunch.
then went inti's sofa and nap for around 10 minutes.
yilin is chatting with huibin and me and dear chian nap.
we purposely late for our law class.
i'm having heavy headache at that time.
and i sleep on the table.
suddenly dont know what happened i shock and i woke up again.

why am i always get shock?
woke up and saw a love letter from my dear again,
so sweet!

around 4.30pm,
my brother pick us up and dear came to my house overnight today.
i am freaking tired and blur today.
my brain is not really functioning and my eye is so tired.

after dinner,
i accidentally fall asleep on my sofa.
and i thought i only slept for 20 minutes,
but dear told me i slept for 2 hours.

hope tonight we can sleep early.
i'm still blur blur and my head still a little bit pain,

- sleep. -.-"

- love letter 1. =)

- love letter 2. Love you dear!! =)

- busy playing i pod.

- the lovers. =)

- by kellyetan

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