Friday, May 21, 2010

My Today *\\21.05.2010//*

i'm here again.
went pool with deong just now.
he taught me some skills of playing pool,
but i still blur blur.
and dont know what happen to asia cafe's pool today.
damn hot.
and a lot of people smoke and i'm going to vomit soon.

after pool,
thanks to deong sent me home even it's traffic jam.
and then i think i'm gonna put more effort on assignments liao.
no time play liao.

and i'm not sure can i always update my blog.
i damn miss my first semester,
at least we can hang out and play.
hope that my blog dont angry with me.

missyou guys lots.

- see the score. Me, chian and deong play der. xD

- love ya'll. =)

- by kellyetan


Jason said...

yalo,all smoking there..2day ac so till i sweating -_-
haha,bak bak betul betul cute neh xD

kellye tan said...

okay lah. i reply you since you so like to comment here. xD
where got cute nor.
blur blur jek ma.
and im still me lor. the same person. HAHA.
thanks for teaching sir! xD

Jason said...

hehex,i also dono y i like comment here xD
got nor,cute bak xD
lobak still lobak ^_^
welcome my lovely bak xD