Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Today *\\25.05.2010//*

class as usual.
and have lunch at old kawan during our break.
we slept on the sofa for 2 hours.

after that was law class, again.
then next was journalism class.
journalism class,
we have to make an exhibition of photo journalism for our assignment or project?
i'm given a chance to take part to be one of the committee members which is setting and props with Mr. Jonathan Arcigal Chan.
i'm kinda scare because he is always the stress one.

after class,
went dinner at Jojo with chian, deong, yaw, sheng, fei and ks.
around 9.30pm,
mami come and pick me up and went back home.
i am honestly and seriously tired.
i wish to sleep very early today,
hope i can manage to do it.
but after shower,
my mum catch me into her room and she wanna chat with me because she didnt see me for few days.
she also ask me to sleep together with her tonight.
i think she miss me.

around 12.30am,
finally i sleep.

- zzzz

- by kellyetan

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