Saturday, May 15, 2010

▪ random post.

just came back from sunway pyramid and nearby asia cafe's dessert cafe.
with chian, deongdeong and daniel.
owhh im so tired, sleepy and headache.

i headache because of the movie,
keep shaking and make me feel so not well.
but the movie is excited and so..
lack of humanism.

that's the mean world.
people will just use any way to achieve what they want to achieve.
any, any and any way as long as they could achieve.
what a mean human and what a mean world.
i believe the coming centuries will be human eating human.

alright i'm not gonna to blog much because i had mentioned,
i headache.
i gonna rest well.
because tomorrow i gotta wake at 8am.
im not desperate about tomorrow but i desperate about Monday.
because i can go college!!
finally my 3 weeks holiday is gonna end soon.
but assignments and projects is coming to stick with me.
but whatever,
i'm happy with that.


miss me okayy?

loveya. =)

- by kellye tan

1 comment :

Jason said...

wanna comment here again xD
tat movie really nice la xD
2day damn happy xD
u ar,headache fast go slep d lo -_-
abo 2molo macam mana concentrate to ur amali ar -.-!?
fai di go slep d lo,gd nite bak bak ^_^