Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Today *\\29.04.2008//*

today morning,
as usual.
after perhimpunan,
me and tong automatically will went to LM board there and see luu.

from far way to see,
saw a big big capital words with highlight.
guess got ppl pass again nor.

oh gosh!
i saw my name!
finally i saw my name inside the paper taniah!
oh yeah.
jump there shout there.
soo many small little kids loiking at me.
i deno how to express out my feeling.
i only a feel,
that's - finally i've pass.
that's enough.
and besides,
also writing some words,
ask us be more active.
im happie man.
2 years percubaan finally i pass.
i pass!!

-by kellye tan

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