Saturday, April 26, 2008

LM Inter Bahagian Games * 26.04.2008 *

today is the inter bahagian games of LM day.
im so excited.
so so,
around 6am,
wake up luu.
so sleepy er.
then me and tong get ready ready luu.
then sister fetch us go school.

reach school,
so many ppl haven reach de.
and jared haven wake tim.
yeng liao.
everyone is tired, i realize.

then we start to stick the treasure hunt's clue.
stick it everywhere.
thn thn aso go keep bags luu.
then me and tong run here run there.
run to wakil store then run back canteen or anywhere.
run run run saja.
so hot.



also got take attendence luu.
then tie ribbon lu, to give group.
start our inter luu.
the opening ceremony at canteen.
jun yang and chze zheng speak luu.
then still got invite teachers give speech.
me and tong juz take pic take pic.
i going to faint man.
haven eat breakfast.
and so hot.
not enuf sugar i guess.

didnt care about that.
1st game start.
dodge ball at field.
while they playing,
i went to wakil store take broom and sweep canteen's floor luu.
we also got take pic take pic lu.
cause oni me and tong got camera ni.

after that,
2nd game,
treasure hunt.
ex committee, my brother wanna play luu.
stupiak one.
walk so slow.
we also deno what to do there.
because of them.
tsk tsk tsk.

start the game.
ex committee play a while ni luu.
my brother so bad,
go and take ppl's clue and hide it.
me and tong nothing to do luu.
cause the maze game cancel dee.
dewan suddenly got other club need to use.
so we cant get chairs from basement.

then me and tong also went to canteen help dennis they all make sandwich.
make make make,
make until our stomach play drums.
so hungry naa.
we also ask dennis can eat ernot.
cause really hungry ma.
so we also ate some luu.
curi makan,
yummy yummy.
then our last game,
tug of war.
so many ex committee play.
like quite fun ber.

end d,
me, tong, mak and mun mun take back the rope back to scout room.
return them luu.
it's lunch time..!
but that's not my time to eat but is the time to serve.
we serve the committees and ex committees. =]
run here run there again nor.
also got take pics luu.

then going to end leee.
suet ping announced the winner.
got 2 winner wor.
wakil kelas and audio visual.
they use tepuk maintenance to decide the winner luu.
see which group claps better.
then finally,
wakil kelas won!
congrates ya. =]
then they also give them trophy.
and give souvenir to committees and ex committees.
that's a small cards.
but it's so cute.
drew by jeng mey.

ending lu,
all LM claps tepuk maintenance.
yeng er!
feel more energy to work for LM.

after that,
we sweep floor luu.
after that,
gotta back luu.
then boon wei ask us go wakil store there lu.
they ask us write report and comment luu.

by d way,
i wanna say that really thank you to every penasihat committees and inter members.

after after that,
heard that committees wanna go sunway also luu.
actually go with them luu.
then dear say didnt go d.
so me and tong went to sunway luu.
wait bus wait for 1 hour something ler.
damn it.
sweating like shit.

got bus d.
reach sunway,
i also blur blur d.
i ask tong hold me while i walking.
cause im closing my eye.
very sleepy ner.
we also got accompany kelvin mam mam at gasoline lu.
but i also sleep there only.
then i went to tong's house.
when got in her room.
throw my bag.
sleep dee.
around 1 hour later,
my brother fetch me home lu.
reach home,
saw cousins,
but didnt care them much luu.
i also tired like shit dee.

but i also got talk phone with my dear lu.
until around 12 something midnite.
already 48 hours didnt oioi luu.
yeng mou?

my cousin at downstair,
i cant sleep my dearest sofa,
that's why.
i slept my brother's room.
comfortable nya.

- MC [ Chze Zheng ]

- Talk talk talk talk.

- Opening ceremony

- aha! cant make it.

- boom~ xD

- wei jie tak dapat larh.

- colourful nya. =]

- MC [ Chze Zheng & Jun Yang ]

- What he gonna do?

- Talk talk talk talk talk. xD

- See see see see see. xD

- This is Jared Tang T.H. xD

- banyak orang ler. xD

- Oh jee seng is so cute! xD

- See behind the hou yan. xD cute nya. =p

- Audio visual.

- Audio visual.

- Suet Ping so cutie. =p

- dodge ball.

- shake hand shake hand.

- talk talk talk talk.

- Tug of war.

- yeng liao. xD

- jia you!! xD

- da dang..

- pro ppl. sweat of LM. xD

- tug of war. xD

- what they doing there?

- ehemm. xD

- jia you jia you!

- one two pull! one two pull! xD

- oh yeah sexy ladiehhh! xD

- yummy yummy. xD

- delicious lerr.

- these bread, me and tong make de ner. xD

- delicious one ooh. xD

- suvinier.

- suvinier.

- suvinier.

- suvinier.

- inter's board.

- jee seng, cute nya. xD

- jee seng and tang yao.

- by kellye tan

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