Friday, April 11, 2008

My Today *\\ 10.04.2008 //*

today in sch.
damn sien ner.
before tuition i also sleep for 20 mins.
thn thn thn back home shower and mum mum.
got lobak nerr!
last week also got, didnt take pic.
this time i wont let it go, take pictaaa!!
where's my camera..~~
yeah yeah my lovely lobbie lobak bak bak.
happie siaa.

after that,
i do homewrk luu.
while doing homewrk,
cause juz wash my hair,
wet wet.
thn i disturb disturb my hair luu.
drop so many hair within 1 minute.
im so scare man.
i guess i dowan eat so many ajinomoto+maggie.
i scare scare man.
i muz stop eating those thing!

and i also get my report card dee.
huhu, not bad huh?
compare with form 2 and form 3.
this time im so so happie dee luu.
actually i get back report card ytd and wanna let them sign.
but mami scold me and something something happen made me cry.
i didnt talk to her.
cause im totally hurt.
dwn say about tat dee.
today i also didnt saw my parents.
so i juz left my report card and a pen on d table.
but i guess she wont say anythong about my result ba?
forget about it.
she sign dee thn okay.
cause tmr gotta pass up.
if not d teacher gotta kill ppl.
the shits teacher.

- lobakkk!

- delicious lobak =]

- im coming....~ xD

- form two.

- form three.

- and now!!

* big diff?*

- my result and my duckie. =]
[ my duckie got wings one ner, buakakaka. ]

i photostat d result and paste it my board with my duck.
so that always remind me muz study hard. :)
i wan blue ink result but not red!
try my best.

- by kellye tan

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