Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Today *\\ 18.04.2008 //*

Today is my mami birthday~
♥ 18th of April ♥

Happy Birthday To You..~
Happy Birthday To You..~
Happy Birthday To Mami..~
Happy Birthday To You..~
First of all,
today have LM leadership workshop at sunway college.
LM members take bus there.
Guess its only for form 3 and form 4,
and committees are not allow to go.
Before that,
i kena choose by wat wat ketua.
actually nothing one laa.
just take attendence oni.
but all also xin yuan help me.
cause i tooooo cha edi.
useless lar me.
what a easy job also i cant done.
then we reach there dee.
saw many ex catholic students.
then they take lunch first.
me, tong and puiyi also didnt eat.
we only take drinks.
and chitz chatz.
after that,
we go in a room and listen they talk talk talk luu.
and play game also.
use newspaper make those tank car thingy.
is to learn how to be cooperate and leader thingy.
we get second.
not bad.
shuang nya.
LM really nice!
got a group get last.
but they didnt even give up,
and other groups help them.
they start from where should start,
and continue walk to the end of the point.
and LM members is also giving them support!
we clap for them,
we cheer for them.
oh yesh!
its so so caring.
i love that moment.
and the prize,
actually were giving to the first.
but they praise d last group.
they really good.
so juz share d prize.
it's really cooperate.
even the lecturer keep say LM is nice!
he touched by LM.
i love it man~
after that we also gotta back luu.
in d bus,
i call mami and wish her.
but guess she not really have any emotion.
like i force her laugh like that.
and she told me that have dinner at nite at around 10pm.
reached sch,
we find something mam mam.
then puiyi back dee luu.
i stayback and find my dear.
then keng gaii for a while ni luu.
damn hot that place.
me and tong keep sweating.
after that he also go for his duty thingy.
then me and tong back luu.
i follow tong cause i go her hse.
go her house got free CC.
that's my lobak station.
around 8pm,
sister fetch me go asia cafe mam mam.
cause she hungry.
then i also eat some.
thn thn thn go buy cake.
after that we back home,
and i shower luu.
wear leng leng.
tot wanna go dinner take pics.
who knows,
one pic also din get.
cake also din cut.
cause too full.
and even im tired.
maybe they tired too.
thn d cake we bring back home again,
say thy'll cut it tmr.
guess so?
Happy Birthday Lovely Mom~
- by kellye tan

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