Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Today *\\ 12.04.2008 //*

today early in d morning.
around 8am reach sch.
got LM Gathering.
tong waiting me.
i reach dee luu.
thn we talk talk cht cht.
go canteen mum mum bread.

after that they got tie a ribbon hand thr.
follow colour to choose group one nor.
then tong get pink.
i also q-up to get pink.

after that thn thn thn.
we play games luu.
our group call pink positive!
and out slogan is pink positive plus plus plus!!
all form 1 form 2 small small one.
only me and tong is form 4.
so everything can say is control by 2 of us ba?

we gotta win one nar.
then out group got a girl deno wat happen deno how how how lose dee.
i wanna fight fight with jee seng tat group ler.
but thy all also lose at last.
got many ppl injured ler.
tat game quite dangerous.

after that game.
we got rest and take our dinner.
jee seng sms ask me take for him luu.
thn i aso take for him.

thn thn thn.
we go dewan kulia to rest rest woo.
saw many ex committee.
shin, vincent and fai chun.
all also handsome dee.
not bad har.

thn thn thn waste many time ler in dewan kulia.
feel wanna go home dee.
but they got something ready edi but suddenly anything happen so they that d game cant continue.
thn thn thn.
continue another game.
treasure hunt.
gotta find clue and thingy.
play water lerhh!
im so happie with it.
and somore raining.
me and tong keep wanna ply with water.
we knw lose dee will kena water.
we go n lose.
cause fun ma.
we take out our shoe,
and run under the rain.
oh memories sia =]
love it.

we play until very siao.
jared also kacau kacau me.
he wanna waste my time.
let me lose.
but unluckily,
we're d winner.
but thy say not considered win cause raining wor.
whatever luu.

d treasure hunt include many games one ner.
many many.
almost me and tong geng oni.
woah, perasan siaa.

thn we very very wet dee.
they ask us bring extra shirt only.
actually wanna bring whole set one.
but thn think think think.
maybe wont that wet so didnt bring.
thn me n tong's shirt, jeans, shoe, everything everything.
wet wet wet!
so then we go and change shirt.
thn wash our leg and continue wear d wet jeans and shoe.
my shoe is totally banjir.
so we wear it without socks luu.
if not feel weird weird one.
thn we also dun hv towel.
our hair wet wet one.
after the game,
ouchh my leg.
pain siaa.
cause we lose dee also gotta jump frog style.

after change,
we go for bbq luu.
i miss that moment too.
true friendship i never ever met.
we feed each other eat.
because we understand that each other are very, very hungry.
especially puiyi.
she work for LM gathering.
she didnt eat breakfast and lunch.
thn we keep feed here feed there.
caring feel.
i love thm.

after that,
around 8.10pm dee luu.
my sis called.
and i back luu.
in d car wet wet.
thn back home and change.
thn go subang asia cafe mum mum
damn hungry.
i ordered carrot milk and i guess he didnt heard i say milk.
so he give me carrot juice.
its okay.
i also ordered shark's fin mee.
yeap. delicious.

after that we went to shareton hotel with sister and grandma.
live there for 1 nite.
cause got free voucher.
got bath tub.
sure shower lar wait what.
know what?
i shower with my sister.
together man!
tdy im totally mad with everything.
but maybe something special will leave memories there.
loves her. <3
then i got up d king size bed.
sleep dee.
cause very tired er.

nez nez saturday is inter-games.
tat time until me and tong's turn to duty do LM things ba.
so we also must jia you!
jee seng ask me do better than gathering wor.
cause if not will get scold?
and ex committee will come back too.
jia you jia you..~
guess coming week will be busy again tho.



- discuss discuss~ xD

- the board so nice hor? they made one ner.

*** geng hor? *clap clap***

- game punnishment. xD pity jia chie

- ummm~

- after change, wet siaa.

- omg, my leg+jeans still wet ner.

- tong and mine. wet wet siaa.

- before change, outside dewan kulia.

- kell and tong after change.

- they are preparing bbq.

- inside DK

- im totally mad with the board! xD

- we mad with it! xD

- kell and lai, my sis. xD

- kell and puiyi, my daughter.

- kell and jingyi.

- kell and xin yuan.

- the process of bbq. xD

- shark's fin noodle at asia cafe.

- asia cafe's carrot juice. =]

- by kellye tan

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tong tong ♥ said...

v're really geng lor. not perasan de. xD i love rain!