Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Today *\\2.04.2008//*

dont feel like going sch naa~
my daughter sick dee.
didnt go school.
so i go by bus myself.
sobz. T.T

saturday coming soon luu.
go gai gai.
go watch movie.. find Yevanne.
friday wanna go sing k er..~
deno wanna go enot?
go alone?
or with friends?
wanna go ernot lerr.
poor ler!
but feel like wanna sing err!! huhuhuh..~

today everything also as usual.
i slept for 1 period while seni.
tired er..
then end sch dee.
omg, zhen nam forget to wait me at Foyer.
i find find find find find find find find find find find find find find find...........~
hot nya.
actually i can follow my frn back on 2pm.
but because wanna find him norr.
old man.
when i found him already over 2pm.
so how how how? wait til 4.45. sit jo yee's car back her hse.
then see hui fetch me back home.
pity me.
until 4.45,
jo yee and see hui play squash at squash room.
what i do ner?
i sit at squash room do homework..
then take my book juz see see ni luu.
jee seng ber.
he come and play with me.
not that boring.
he play my hp.
he go and open all my file folder.
secret folder i ask him not to open he also open ner.
going to cry nar!
how can it be!?
fish ni laaa.

then chat chat, ply ply.
then go reading corner keng gai gai,
keng sum see with see hui nor.
those love lar, frn lar..
apa rubbish also talk.

heavy rain man..
wat the ****..
and somore traffic jam.
6pm gotta tuition man..
on d way back home already around 5.45pm.
call sha and ask her can change to 6.30pm?
she say ok.
thn i call teacher,
hp no battery!
i borrow see hui's hp and sms sha to ask her inform teacher luu.
then whn i reach my hse already 6.25pm.
i left 5 mins man!
i charge my hp and open my hp,
sha called me.
she say her mom gotta fetch her late.
so we juz cancel it.

but i juz feel that my life is getting busy.
i'm so so tired.
i need more rest!
give me time!!

-by kellye tan

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