Monday, April 7, 2008

My Today *\\ 7.04.2008 //*

Today morning,
waiting tong come to sch, cause got LM duty.
she so late.
ytd ask jee seng he say after assembly oni duty.
thn tdy tdy suddenly early in d morning many ppl duty!
shock me.
tong come quite late de.
i damn scare man.
deno should wait her ernot.
thn i saw jee seng.
i ask him why bluff me one.
he say tat teacher suddenly change to before assembly dee.

when i saw tong,
i wave my hand ask her fast fast.
cause i damn scare man.

then we go dewan transfer chair.
from where to where like tat luu.
then we go late.
deno wat to do.
gv fiona say luu.
something like scold guar?
but she's nice.
juz mayb we didnt do anything, she do what she need to do.

after that,
we pick up rubbish everywhere luu.
cause we duwan go for assembly.
then we juz chit chatzz.

thn we go back class.
jo yee told me that sam scold her.
damn it!
who he tot he is.
i muz follow him one mer.

after that,
sam got apologize to me.
i didnt care him.
im reading pua chu kang newspaper.
while he apologize to me, im laughing with that paper.
thn he juz go away himself.

after sch,
me, tong and puiyi tuition.
damn tired man.
but today is King teach math.
he very pandai teach one ner.
so i muz concentrate.
he teacher better than wei lin very much.
he's more caring than her. =p

back home,
from 7.00pm i sleep til 1.30am.
im still wearing uniform and sleep on sofa.
i haven even eat my dinner.
so i shower and cook maggie.
then do my homewrk until around 4 am.
thn go sleep 1 more hour.
mean around 5 am.
i go sch luu.

-by kellye tan

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