Friday, May 2, 2008

My Today *\\1.05.2008//*

Today ar.
quite mang zhang de luu.
my sister say fetch me then wait wait wait her bf.
slow nya.
at last also my sister fetch me go sunway.
late dee ner.
Tong is waiting for me.

After that,
me and tong went to Gasoline eat mum mum.
we saw ee theng, esther yee, and kok kiat there.
then we juz eat eat, thn go shopping luu.
after that,
we met pei ling.
we went to Gasoline again man!
cause pei ling haven eat yet.
then saw hong lim wor.
he didnt saw me?
hmm, not sure.
i didnt call him also.
no manners nya.

after that,
my dear came luu.
we sit together and chatz chat luu.
after a monent,
kelvin wanna come wor.
then the table too small,
we also change to a big place.
tooo many ppl.
then kelvin sit with pei ling, my dear sit with me.
after then,
ee theng came join us also.
then she sit opposite tong.
we chat chat,
siao! and keep laughing.
seems the occasion between 2 boys like abit fuii.
they so diam.
then tong and pei ling keep talk talk talk and make the occasion high.
but unfortunately,
no reaction. =[

after that,
kelvin back,
he dun wanna take back the change laa.
he pay extra dee.
not bei min. ish.
tong treat us eat sweet sweet.
all bei min her,
even me.
but say real de,
the sweet..
ehem, weird weird one.
when we ask kelvin the sweet is sweet? bitter? or what.
he answer us spicy.
what a answer.

after that,
ee theng also back luu.
we went to ta gei.
and went to cinema, wanna watch movie luu.
but then labour day.
many ppl.
and the time not ngam also.
so we went to pool lu.
full also.
so then we went to Gloria Jeans play the wood thingy and yam cha.
They very high luu.
i not really feeling well,
so didnt high so much with them.
then we went to Tony Roma's to meet ee theng,
her family there.
me and my dear siam firz.
then we 2 pak thor pak thor. the 3 girls chatting there lu.
then also kacau me and him.
but they juz playing around luu.
forgive them only.

then my dear back luu.
i also not grudge.
and we give goodbye kiss to each other.

then me, tong and pei ling went to Kim Gary lu.
so many ppl again.
not feeling well but i order things.
cant finish also luu.
then after that,
we went to Popular book store,
i wanna buy my things.
we also went to see the Coco Banana Club.
yeng dao.
i like it!

then my brother also fetch me and tong back luu.
and he also fetch go around the clubs and bars.
and tell me this is Bar Celona, this is Bar what what what lu.

Happy Happy Dayz =]

the wood thingy. [ this pics is deno when de ]

- around sama sama ya? but the time.. xD

- kell and tong

- i love you

- and i love you too.

- kellye LM with pelaka.

- by kellye tan

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