Thursday, May 29, 2008

LM Leadership Camp ♥

Dang dang!
im back from LM Leadership camp.
Its peaceful :)

start to say something about camp.
We learn to be cooperate and team work.
besides, we learn how to speak with everyone with many teknik.
and we also learn not to believe ppl easily.

Actually the camp is a training camp.
They take it serious but actually that was nice!
They train our patient and our decipline.

We got a lot of games.
Night trekking, public speaking, drama and sketch, guardian angel, kaya king, treasure hunt, obsicle race, amazing race and so on.

Night trekking, they wake you up midnite and bring you to go a place alone. Ooh yea! actually quite scary but i sleep oni. xD

public speaking, they give you a title there and you give out speech.

drama and sketch, they give you some character and you must sketch it out as a drama that have relation about LM. well, i get scold and cry. Uhuhuh.

guardian angel, you muz guard a ppl and write some comments for the ppl, you will not able to let the ppl know that u're her/his guardian. Guess i guard wrong ppl? Hmm, but i remembered i didnt see wrong the name, but they said is my fault. its okay. forget about it~

and many many.

there have 6 groups.
merah, jingga, hijau, biru, kuning and ungu.
we will have name tag, slogan, tepukan, shirt, group name and so on.

Im Hijau~
group name NINE TAILS FOX which included our penasihat, 9 members.
plus tepukan BAK, BOM BAK, BAK BAK, BOM BAK.

My members have Dennis Choo, my ketua. Wen Bin, my penolong ketua. Kgai Ter, Mun Mun, Shan Min and Crystal Song, my members.

although this camp is quite toilsome, need to pumping pumping and many things. Run up to the montain and sleep for few hours. and somore no clock. and only 20 minutes for shower, 15 minutes to take ur food. But that was nice.
Especially the camp fire.
all of the LM members high gei at all include committees and teachers.
Because that was our last night to stay there. I cry!
Oh goshh!
i duwan leave there. i miss that.

And when back sch, we haven camper's reflection and still haven to run here and there. But with not serious.
And i cry again. Lol. damn sad luu. i dont feel wanna end that camp. It was nice and interesting!
But deno why only i cry. My bro said last time his group all cry one ner. But only i cry. or others no feeling with that camp at all?
well well. fine. i cry myself. at least i have feeling with my beloved LM.

after that, end dee lu.
many LM members play with those committees with tepuk maintenance. play with them. And somore the WHATEVER, VERY VERY VERY LAME, YOU GOTTA DOWN SUCKER~ all learn by Fiona.

but then fun luu.
then me, puiyi, kgai ter, change meng, xin yuan, kok meng, chu han, huey shin, huey in, jing yi, wen bin, hou yan, hui mian all go out mum mum chicken rice. and hou yan keeeeeeeep on laughing. well, i firz time eat with her. really funny, i also will keep laughing oni. ishee~ xD

then back sch, keep play with jared they all lu.
besides that, fiona, the ketua tugasan and 2 penolong tugasan, jee seng and albert. play water. a ketua chase two penolong. veryyy funny. and somore boon wei and wei jie also play. until fiona take wei jie's bag, wanna pour water inside edi. xD
very shuang lu they all.
then until fiona say, you gotta down sucker~ xD

after that i go back home luu.
so so tired. but miss it <3
i love LM.
my dear are always supporting me.
althought he didnt talk with me, but i know he's with me.
Lurve Euu! <3

- our flag!

- our name tag, nice? made by me! buahahahah! xD

- our actual slogan, but then change dee. by me~ =]

- my leg! after camp!

-by kellye tan


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